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Oilfield Associated Gas

Today, natural gas accounts for 23% of global energy consumption, and its use is growing. To bring this abundant and environmentally friendly fuel into the global energy stream, it needs to be compressed for efficient processing.


How does it work?

Gas-driven compressors control the flow from the well to the pipeline at the wellhead.

If it is a low pressure well, the compressor draws gas from the well into the compressor. The compressor raises the gas pressure to a level slightly above the line pressure to force gas into the line.

Gas-driven compressors compress gas collected from multiple Wells and deliver it to a designated location via a Central Line.

In coal seam and unconventional gas emissions, compressors pump gas from coal areas at very low suction pressures for processing and marketing, or to improve the safety of coal mining.

Efficient and reliable engine-driven compression systems are critical to maintaining gas mobility, efficiency and profitability in wellhead and gathering applications.

The Portfolio of Waukesha gas engines developed by INNIO for compression applications offers a variety of options to address individual field conditions and meet a variety of local emissions requirements.


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